Bitcoin General

What Can I Buy With A Bitcoin?

Do you imagine buying anything with crypto, just like with real money?

Many of us had that thought. But if it were possible, wouldn’t it have happened already?

Real and cryptocurrency are different things, so that scenario is unlikely to happen. But did you hear about the exclusive privileges of Bitcoin?

BTC may be worth as much as the USD. Except that Bitcoin is in constant expansion and is volatile. Despite the risks, Bitcoin buyers enjoy certain benefits the average shopper will never have. Can you imagine what it is?

3 Things You Can Only Do Buying Bitcoin

Sure, Bitcoin can look attractive as a modern payment method. And so are hundreds of altcoins! If we trade with Bitcoin, there must be a valuable reason to do it other than trends. Because what makes Bitcoin better than, say, the dollar?

#1 Crypto Cash Back Rewards

You heard the saying. “The future is already here. Just not evenly distributed.” Bitcoin prices go up as more people join the market. The more we use crypto, the more prices go up. It’s offer and demand!

That’s why big brands reward you for buying from them with Bitcoin. You can buy the exact same product and get a cash reward.

Choose the product you want and buy it from a Cash Back website. If you buy using their link, you get free Bitcoins for using the currency.

Imagine you spent $100 this way. You would have put $100 and got, for example, $18 worth in bitcoin (which you can turn into dollars).

#2 Earning Potential

With cashback rewards, you buy a product and become a Bitcoin investor at the same time! Back to the example, those $18 you won may turn into thousands of dollars…or less.

Since you didn’t earn that money, there’s no real risk. But who wouldn’t like extra cash as a surprise? If we combine it with the cashback program, you get double rewards.

Using the same money. A no-brainer.

#3 You Diversify

Many people despise the volatility of Bitcoin. If it goes done, it’s not fun anymore. Did we mention Bitcoin transactions are permanent?

Now, real currencies aren’t safer either. Your money saved in the bank is worth less today than yesterday. It will be even less tomorrow due to inflation.

No matter how consistent a currency is. If you put all your eggs in one basket, your risk is maximum. If anything goes wrong (as happens every few years), your personal finances will suffer.

Then, should you buy Bitcoin? It’s not precisely stable, but it’s better than having only one currency. Many suggest keeping at least a tiny amount, something you don’t mind risking.

Of course, you can diversify within the crypto space as well. An example would be to hold a portion of Bitcoin and another portion of New Bitcoin.

Can You Buy Anything You Want?

Sorry, but that won’t happen, at least in 2020. If anything was for sale with Bitcoin, everybody would use them to avoid taxes. And you can potentially double your money doing, well, nothing.

Everything has intrinsic value regardless of market perception. Bitcoin is so volatile that it would often misrepresent the true value of an asset.

Yet, some big brands manage to get over the obstacles and make Bitcoin available. But despite the efforts, Bitcoin has its limits, which is what makes it different from real currency.

Will it become a global currency? Who knows. All we know is Bitcoin is expanding and is here to stay.